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Will anyone hire me?

Summer 1992

I found an interesting blog post, a very intimate exploration of one year in one woman’s life. The post is written by Debbie Millman. She happens to be gainfully employed by a fabulous design company, travels for many speaking engagements and is still exploring her own personal style*. I had the pleasure of attending a design conference which she moderated a few years ago; I found her questions for each presenter captivating. Some how she knew just the perfect questions to ask to each and everyone of them.

I would have never imagined that she struggled to find her place in world, we never do see the whole picture. We are always comparing our insides to other people’s outsides.

Somewhere, some how, I find it comforting that someday I will move beyond my crappy apartment, hopefully schedule more regular haircuts, learn the lessons of my past and some one will find my work desirable enough to hire me.

*Also, she can write backwards. That is pretty cool.


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