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The best thing since sliced bread, maybe not. But at the very least it is the best thing since blackboard paint.

I only wish I wasn’t a renter, I would have purchased it yesterday and been painting with it today.


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My first regularly paid job once we moved to San Diego was working at Venissimo Cheese in Mission Hills. This was hilarious to most people… that a girl from Wisconsin had to go to California to work with cheese. Now looking back I can laugh about this, but it was sad at the time that I was lucky to get that job and that I had to try really hard to get it. The small freelance work that I was doing wasn’t enough to afford my groceries nonetheless my rent, like I said I was really lucky to get this job. My schedule overlapped with when deliveries came in which lead to¬†unpacking all the cheese and finding new homes in the refrigerator cases. This wasn’t a drag however, I got to see all the care that went into packaging the little bites of heaven. At that time I was always fascinated with the labels on the cheese. From time to time people would save the labels and make collages with the labels. I was always more fond of the imported labels over the american, they seemed more exotic or more rooted in history. So when I found this link on cheese labels I was instantly taken by to my days at Venissimo. I particularly like the Cerva label from Norway, the simple layout is a great example of type and image.

My memories extend far beyond the labels: getting to eat as much cheese as I possible could, taking home leftover bread (see earlier where I mentioned that we could not afford groceries), learning about the complexities of cheese beyond “Colby” cheese, and best of all the friendships I made! I searched to find a photo of my time at Venissimo, and I stumbled on this one from a wine and cheese tasting held at the store. I can’t imagine what the customers thought of these monkeys wearing packing as muscles. We did have the best customers though!

Three monkeys in muscle suits.

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This post has been a long time coming. Blogging has been hard to find the time at best and full of pressure to be smart and interesting at worst. So, I did as all people do when they are stuck. They avoid it. But now I am going to give it a try again.

Hold on to your butts!

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